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Horizon Basra Company

Horizon Basra Company is a renowned family business in Iraq, established in 2019, offering exceptional hospitality and entertainment experiences. They manage various venues including Horizon Hotel, Basra Bowling Center, Mas Cinema, Mas for Events, Basra Family Park, Shwetir, Acacia Restaurant, and The Bridge. Basra Bowling Center, located near Basra International Exhibition, offers a unique blend of entertainment activities such as bowling, laser tag, arcade games, and an international cuisine restaurant with a picturesque river view. They specialize in hosting corporate events, birthdays, and wedding anniversaries, ensuring unforgettable memories for their clients

Upcoming Projects

Horizon Basra Company is committed to expanding its portfolio of hospitality and entertainment venues. Stay tuned for exciting new projects that will further enhance the region's recreational and event-hosting capabilities.

Impact of Horizon Basra Company

Horizon Basra Company has significantly influenced hospitality and entertainment in Iraq since 2019. This family business operates premier venues, enhancing the region's recreational and event-hosting capabilities.
Enhanced Hospitality Standards
Horizon Hotel has set new luxury and comfort benchmarks in Basra's business district, attracting local and international visitors.
Innovative Entertainment Experiences
Basra Bowling Center offers a unique blend of activities, from bowling and laser tag to arcade games, ensuring fun for all ages.
Diverse Entertainment Options
Basra Bowling Center, with bowling, laser tag, arcade games, and an international cuisine restaurant with river views, is a popular family destination.
Cultural Enrichment
Mas Cinema offers state-of-the-art technology and contemporary design, providing access to the latest international films.
Versatile Event Hosting
Venues like Mas for Events and Basra Family Park host various gatherings, ensuring memorable occasions with top-notch facilities and services.
Community Engagement
Basra Family Park supports community activities and educational outings, promoting family bonding.

Let's Get in Touch

Don't hesitate to reach out to Horizon Basra Company for inquiries, feedback, or partnership opportunities. We are committed to providing exceptional hospitality and entertainment experiences, and we welcome the opportunity to connect with you.

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